Harley davidson 103 engine problems

Harley davidson 103 engine problems

Harley-Davidson is one of the oldest motorcycle companies and it has a very loyal fan base. Consumers generally love or hate Harley The bike has produced some legendary cruisers.

Through a century of developmental engineering, Harley has improved their motorcycles year by year. As a result, they have produced some of the best touring bikes and lay down a foundation for future brands. The Harley-Davidson brand image is known for being a lowrider with a chopper look. Their handlebar was a fan favorite design that showed the rugged features of a rider. However, Harley has had its share of problems. The company has faced recalls, malfunctioning engines, and loss of ownership.

For a dark period during the s, Harley was owned by a company named AMF and their production was beyond ineffective and unproductive. The AMF years nearly stained the reputation of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle until they regained ownership in In addition to ownership problems, Harley has faced several recalls, including some as recent as and Also, their Twin Cam engine was defective from to and came with a chain tensioner problem.

Although Harley has had its setbacks, it has still succeeded as a legend in the motorcycle world. The legendary motorcycle company laid down the foundation for future chopper bike producers. Though the bike may sometimes have problems, they are still admired by their life-long fanbase.

The bike proved its durability on the market. After years of problems with their Twin Cam engines from toHarley revitalized their engine through the FXSTS, a more powerful and counterbalanced engine that provided riders with durability. After reinventing their Twin Cam engine, Harley-Davidson was able to convert on the opportunity to redesign the Road King with a cc, six-speed engine. This bike comes with many features according to Top Speed: a six-gallon fuel tank, anti-lock braking system, and cruise control.

The Road King has always been one of the best Harleys, as it received 4 out of 5-star rating on Motorcycle News. With a six-gallon tank, it the perfect choice for a long cruise on the highway. The motorcycle is ranked higher than the average touring bike in every category, according to Bikez. This Harley is one of the best touring bikes ever made by the company and makes a great used purchase. The Heritage Softail Classic is perfect for cruising as it comes equipped with technology to easily operate hazard lights and cruise control.

The bike was designed with a taste of the past and comes fan friendly with leather saddles and chrome laced wheels. The Dyna Wide Glide is a customized rider's dream. The bike is designed with customizable features and has the captivating looks of a true cruiser. The Dyna Wide Glide is equipped with advanced engineering and it is not fit for a beginner rider, but rather an upgrade for existing riders.

Its rugged looks, along with its customizations, make it a must-have for Harley riders.

harley davidson 103 engine problems

Now, the reinvented Twin Cam provides durability for riders. The Softail Custom is composed of all the classic areas of Harley that have been proven to perform. It comes with a mm rear tire and a bobtail fender. The cc Twin Cam engine that was in its second year of reinvention. It has an air-cooled engine that utilizes two valves per cylinder with pushrod operation. The classic look of a high-hand handlebar cruiser, along with its classic features, makes the Softail Custom a favorite among Harley fans.

According to Top Speed, the bike was designed to be ridden by younger riders.Podcast: Play in new window Download Embed. We here at Law Abiding Biker all agree that there is no real concern with the newer post motors and is limited to the years stated. Although we are pro Harley Davidson, this was a complete design failure and the company should have done a better job taking care of owners of the affected years in our opinion.

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You really need to listen in to this podcast episode to get all the facts and information. What is happening on the affected years? The problem is that many are experiencing failures at many different mileages, so it is hard to predict. Additionally, riders likely will not hear anything going wrong.

The only way to check the status of your cam chain followers is to dig in and inspect them. What did Harley do to fix the problem on the newer motors?

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On the and later motors, hydraulic cam chain followers are now used to get rid of the stiff spring that put too much pressure on the followers rubbing on the cam chain. Some believe that the problem still exists even with the new hydraulic cam chain followers, but we are not seeing that at all.

harley davidson 103 engine problems

Our opinion is that if you have an affected model that you take action as soon as you can and avoid the impending problem all together since you can't predict when it will happen. The best thing is that you will get upgraded cams on top of the rest of the upgrade kit, thus more performance. Instead, it comes with hydraulic cam chain tensioner and high-flow oil pump. Harley says that the high-flow oil pump provides increased oil pressure at high-operating temperatures.

It changes the chain tensioner from spring to hydraulic. This is the standard fix that Harley dealerships will give you unless you want to go with the gear driven system and cams, which is again our first suggestion depending on you budget of course. Harley cam chain tensioner twin cam backside.

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First just wanted to say thanks for the great content you guys put out. I commute a couple hours to work on an airplane and the Law Abiding Biker Podcast is always playing. I am new to Harley's, I've had a few older metrics and always have had dirt bikes, and the service video was great inspiration in completing the service.

LAB-73-Harley Davidson Twin Cam Chain Tensioner Problem 1999-2006 | Are Other Years Affected?

It really is simple to complete after watching you guys tackle it on the video. I have read about a potential problem with the plastic shoes associated with the cam chains. Do you have any info on this issue? This is a small quote from an article on JP Cycles.Rich has been a Fool since and writing for the site since After 20 years of patrolling the mean streets of suburbia, he hung up his badge and gun to take up a pen full time.

Having made the streets safe for Truth, Justice, and Krispy Kreme donuts, he now patrols the markets looking for companies he can lock up as long-term holdings in a portfolio. His coverage reflects his passion for motorcycles, booze, and guns though typically not all exercised at the same timebut his writing also covers the broader sectors of consumer goods, technology, and industrials.

So follow along as he tries to break down complex topics to make them more understandable and useful to the average investor. Have a story idea? Contact Rich here. I may not be able to respond to every suggestion, but I do read them all! Think an article needs a correction? Reach Rich here. If you blinked you might have missed it, but Harley-Davidson NYSE:HOG completely shut down one of its major manufacturing facilities, and it's possible that means the motorcycle maker will be facing a big bike recall.

According to regional news station WGAL, Harley confirmed it temporarily closed its plant in York, Pennsylvania, which it says it does from time to time, but wouldn't say what the reason was behind the move or how many workers were affected. The York facility is where Harley assembles its Touring, Softail, CVO, and Trike motorcycles, as well as performs various manufacturing operations such as making frames, fuel tanks, and fenders. York was also the plant that bore the brunt of the layoffs Harley initiated last year.

It was another indication that motorcycle sales weren't progressing as well as hoped. While the York plant was quickly brought back online after its temporary closure, WGAL reported that the reason for suspending operations was a "critical malfunction of a clutch assembly. It also wouldn't be the first time Harley-Davidson had to initiate a major recall for problems with its clutch assemblies. In fact, if it proves true that this was the problem at the York plant, it will have been the third time in as many years Harley has recalled its bikes for clutch problems.

InHarley recalled more than 25, bikes, and init recalled an additional 46, bikes for model years and of its Electra Glide, Street Glide, Ultra Limited, Road Glide, and Road King motorcycles. Another recall, then, wouldn't be surprising -- though it is worrisome. Although it's been the powersports vehicle maker's RZR side-by-sides that have been most affected by recurring problems that led to massive recalls, just last month Polaris was forced to launch a recall of its wildly popular Indian Motorcycle brand.

It was forced to recall 24, bikes, such as its Chief Classic, Chieftain, Roadmaster, and Springfield models, for potential fuel leaks.We know you love your Harley Davidson motorcycle. But, as loyal followers of the brand, you must be aware that there is one central issue or problem surrounding the Harley Davidson, — and it is in their Twin Cam Engines.

We are here to educate you, and to give you a little insight on what to expect on your first Harley Davidson motorcycle. Because yes, even the greatest and an iconic brand like the Harley Davidson is not safe from mistakes and certain plot holes. So if you are experiencing the same thing, and have Harley Davidson Twin Cam engine problems, then read on, and be informed! Once again, we know how much you adore the Twin Cam engine Harley Davidson motorcycles.

However, you still need to know and be aware of what exactly are you buying so there would be no surprise expenses once you start driving the motorcycle.

There are plenty of defects in the Twin Cam engines. Enough potential issues to actually alarm you and make you think twice before buying one. The actual design itself is designed poorly. Even with its brand new hydraulic tensioning system, this problem still exists and is not a lasting fix for the said issue.

Harley Davidson Twin Cam Engine Problems? What To Do!

Now, what is exactly the problem here? Note that the Twin Cam engine uses plastic shoes on the cam chains. When these shoes rub against each other, it will eventually wear because of the friction and the constant contact between the two rubber shoes.

In really extreme cases, sooner or later, there will be metal to metal contact and this interaction causes metal shavings and may or will result in dangerous and fatal engine failures.

If this problem is left unfixed and not noticed, there is a chance that the entire engine of the Twin Cam will be destroyed; pistons, cams, even engine cases. It is a really serious engine problem that needs a lot of attention to get fixed. The scariest part here is that it can fail at 15, miles and even the new hydraulic system can fail at 40, miles or less. The plastic shoes need replacing every 40, miles because of its weak durability. Another scary part here is that even the new engines still have the probability of having the same problem with the older engines.Click photos to enlarge.

They make great desktop wallpaper. This engine produces up to ft lbs. The Twin Cam is equipped with automatic compression release. It features identifying badges on the derby cover, timer cover and air cleaner trim ring. On Touring models, the Twin Cam is equipped with an oil cooler. Live your ride to the power of And it comes at lower cruising rpm, so you ride more smoothly, with less engine vibration and better highway fuel efficiency. The knowledge of what makes an engine truly move a rider runs deep at The Motor Company, and it was put to good use when we created the Twin Cam engine.

We sweated bullets perfecting every cubic inch, pushing design and technology forward. Fire up the Twin Cam engine and feel the low-end torque unleashed. Thanks to the lightweight piston design, delivery of the added power is more refined than ever. Six speeds. A strong driveline and strong internal parts. Low routine maintenance.

Black powder-coated heads and cylinders are highlighted by machined cooling fin tips and polished rocker covers.

harley davidson 103 engine problems

Dripping with power. You want a ride that rumbles—not begs for mercy—when you lean on it a little. The Six-Speed Cruise Drive provides smooth, quiet shifting and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you get a better match between engine turnover and road speed.

And the Isolated Drive System makes acceleration flow in a smooth, steady stream from your wrist right down to the pavement.


Ground Clearance 4. You must be logged in to post a comment. News Ticker. About Michael Le Pard Articles. Owner and Founder of Total Motorcycle. Supporting over Motorcyclists and Motorcycling for 21 great years. Total Motorcycle is my pride and joy and being able to reach out million people has been incredible but I could not have done it without the support of my visitors, readers and members, thank you so much!

You are making a difference to millions of riders worldwide. Thank you.Harley-Davidson continues to have the largest market share in motorcycle sales. Buying a motorcycle is a big investment. A brand-new Harley-Davidson is not cheap. Before you hop on what you hope to be your adventurous and durable Harley, read this article to learn more about 8 common Harley-Davidson problems.

The cam tensioner, camshaft, cam bearings, and cam support plate are at risk for operational failure. When and if these components do fail, they could put your engine and electrical system at greater risk for further damage.

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Keeping the cam compartment components maintained and functioning properly is essential to engine health and the longevity of your investment. Zeroing in on this specific cam component can make you as a buyer aware of its potentially faulty design.

The cam chain system of a Harley is designed with plastic shoes that ride on the cam system. The plastic shoes will eventually wear out due to friction. Once the plastic shoes wear out, metal-to-metal contact can occur. This metal-to-metal contact promotes engine failures which can be dangerous to you and your bike. This problem can occur anywhere from 15, to 75, miles depending on the severity. The only way to truly avoid this problem is to completely swap out the chain system for a gear-driven system.

At the very least, check your chain system shoes every 15, miles to ensure that the system is not wearing down or creating metal-to-metal contact. Bank on changing the plastic shoes in the chain system every 40, miles at the most. Using a high-quality oil can also delay the severity of this problem. Harley also offers aftermarket oil fan coolers that can slow the wear of the plastic shoes.

2012 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 103 V-Twin Engine

They also reduce the effects of friction. Faulty shift shaft seals can lead to internal oil leaks. If you notice any fluid leaking from your Harley, you must promptly get it fixed.

Over time, this leak could affect other components of your Harley and lead to a much more expensive fix. Bulb burnout exposes a rider safety problem resulting from signals and brake lights malfunctioning. At least once a month, check the lights of your Harley to ensure that your bulbs are in good working order. These problems can be costly and difficult to repair. Touring bikes come with more bells and whistles than standard motorcycles.

These extra feature present extra problems. The good news is, these fixes are inexpensive and superficial. The most common accessory issue is blown fuses.

Select models got recalled due to brake problems. Models from to with anti-locking brakes got recalled in February due to the sudden loss of braking ability.Click here to cancel reply. Is a weak lifter something that can harm the motor? Should it be replaced?

They also suggest I go back to conventional oil. Right now I use Amsoil. Hi, Dave. What have you done to determine that you have a weak lifter? Without more info we cannot really speculate. Does your bike need a tuner?

Was this noise always there, or did it just come about? Are you running 93 octane? Does the sound go away as you raise the rpms? Or Get louder? Some Harleys do have more valve noise than others. I always use 93, however sometimes I have to add octane boost; however the tick goes away at regular riding RPMS at idle it may or may not return. Bike had miles it always had a loud noise ticking drives me nuts. Dealer said cant fix it charge you buck pluse your warranty not right.

Go buy something that cost you 20 grand I feel they should had taken care of this problem. Been pissed not going to buy loud pips to cover up this noise. Not happy about this. I even noticed a reduction of power after the service.

I took the bike in and they found that the engine lost some compression in one of the cylinders, was burning a bit of oil, which also found oil accumulation in the the throttle body, oil seems to being bypassing seals… but I am assured the service dept will fix the problem.

I really hope its not a faulty lifter. I dont drive it to easy either, how can you have a with cams and drive it gentle. Hi Rich. If you did; check your pushrod adjustment. Hi, Albert.